Insiders Finland Oy Ab

Insiders Finland Oy Ab is an IT services company founded in 2000. We operate in Helsinki and the surrounding area. We want to offer our customers professional and dependable design, implementation and support services. For us, IT is not only about technology but also business.

Our customers are small and medium-sized enterprises large enough to need an IT coordinator, but which for various reasons do not want to invest in in-house IT skills. We offer our customers cost effective IT services by avoiding significant fixed costs.

With our expert services we also offer turn-key deliveries of servers, networks and Internet services. For some of our customers we act as "hands and feet " for an IT department located outside Finland.

Even though we are a Microsoft Small and Medium Business Specialist, we deliver our services on various technology platforms, including Linux, JUNOS and others.

We also offer a network monitoring service to ensure your network runs 24/7. Our e-mail monitoring runs end-to-end, actually sending the mails and waiting for the reply.

  • IT Support and helpdesk
  • Local and Remote support
  • Server administration
  • Hosting services
  • Network
  • Server
  • Security
  • Domain Name Service
  • Office365
  • IT Strategy and IT Architecture
  • Purchasing and RFPs
  • Licence Management
  • Information Security Management
  • E-mail monitoring
  • Web server
  • SQL, SMTP or TCP service
  • Windows Servers
  • SMS alerts or fixing the problem
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Remote Access (Windows)Remote Access (MAC)